Feb 10, 2011

Rodents be gone

I've been using the ratpoison wm for a while now. Thought I'd share a screen and my .ratpoisonrc.

# -- $HOME/.ratpoisonrc -- #

# Unmanaged windows
#unmanage Nitrogen

# Borders, fonts, padding, etc
set padding 0 13 0 0 # 13 px gap on top to make room for conky piped to dzen2
set border 1
set barborder 1
set barpadding 0 0
set bargravity ne
set inputwidth 400
set wingravity c
set transgravity se
set maxsizegravity c
set font fixed-6
set winfmt %n %s %ti

# Set the ctrl-t key to something easier
definekey top Insert readkey root
definekey root Insert link less

# Color
set fgcolor #876CBE
set bgcolor #090909

# Name frames
set winname class
# title
# name
# Keybindings
bind Delete exec xlock
bind F11 exec jumanji
bind F10 exec pcmanfm
bind C exec urxvt -e tmux
bind c exec urxvt
bind Print exec import -window root ~/media/pics/scrot/$(date +%Y_%m_%d-%H%M).png
bind R restart
bind l windows
bind n curframe
bind q remove
bind t title
bind u undo
bind y redo
bind x info
bind o only
definekey top M-a exchangeleft
definekey top M-s exchangedown
definekey top M-w exchangeup
definekey top M-d exchangeright

# Numpad numbers work to select window
bind KP_0 select 0
bind KP_1 select 1
bind KP_2 select 2
bind KP_3 select 3
bind KP_4 select 4
bind KP_5 select 5
bind KP_6 select 6
bind KP_7 select 7
bind KP_8 select 8
bind KP_9 select 9

# Switch between workspaces
definekey top F1 rpws1
definekey top F2 rpws2
definekey top F3 rpws3
definekey top F4 rpws4
exec rpws init 4 -k


  1. what do you use to apply it?

    Im not too into coding, just PHP and the like

  2. @'Auana
    It's just a configfile that ratpoison reads from.
    To appy changes and such I just execute the restart command (Doesnt kill the X server so everything is restored when ratpoison restarts)

  3. This is pretty cool. It also reminds me that I should probably learn Linux.

  4. awesome yeah always want to see new linux stuff!

  5. still have to learn about linux...